The mind body connection is very powerful

Psychotherapy, counseling, medication management & integrated behavioral health in a compassionate, empowering, and therapeutic environment.

When we feel depressed, anxious or stressed it affects us physiologically and vice versa.  It can be a tiring cycle that at times feels impossible to break out of. At Memor Health we want to help guide you back to optimal balance. We are passionate about helping you regain a balanced life.

We offer psychotherapy and medication management in a compassionate, empowering and therapeutic environment.

Introducing Neurofeedback

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We treat adults, adolescents & children struggling with:

  • behavior issues
  • relationship issues
  • self esteem
  • life transitions
  • bipolar disorders
  • adoption
  • parenting skills
  • coping skills
  • divorce
  • self-esteem

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Find TMS Therapy For Depression Near Me in Reno

Find TMS Therapy For Depression Near Me in Reno

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Chair Yoga Class

Chair Yoga Class

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