Mary Ossler

Mary “Betsy” Ossler

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

Life isn’t easy, but it’s easier if someone believes in you along the way. That’s my philosophy, to partner with you, so you’re not alone with your grief, pain, anxiety, trauma, or shame. I have nearly 25 years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and adults facing situations of hopelessness and helplessness such as divorce, rape, child abuse and neglect, poverty, racism, sexism, bullying, anxiety, depression, and surviving family members with mental illness. I have the greatest respect for my clients, and I view us as equal collaborators on your journey towards balance, health and peace.

I am accepting of all people, utilizing all of my training, experience, and knowledge about the development and treatment of children, teens, and adults to help them successfully navigate very complex systems, such as their families, schools, colleges, courts, hospitals, and the ultimate challenge called life.

Although I take client’s problems very seriously, I use a lot of humor as an aspect of my treatment approach, as I see it as a strong component of your healing. I shall be your advocate, and together you shall learn the skills to successfully revive and advocate for yourself. Never give up hope.

Qualifications License: Nevada / 7424-C


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