We provide teletherapy and telepsychiatry as an option to all of our patients.

Teletherapy and telepsychiatry provide mental health services that can be accessed via your smartphone. Our online app is easy to set up and use.

Our telehealth app is highly secure, private, and fully encrypted to deliver a HIPAA-compliant experience to you. 

At Memor Health, our therapists and psychiatrists can connect with you from anywhere you choose. The difference between traditional sessions and telehealth sessions is that with telehealth, you’re able to meet from any location using a mobile phone rather than meeting in person with your provider.

As with traditional sessions, our providers work to establish an ongoing relationship with you – right from the beginning.

Our licensed therapists and psychiatrists/psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners conduct telehealth sessions in a secure and private room, and sessions are never recorded. Just as with traditional face-to-face sessions, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

When conducting your session, it is important for you to find a private area of your own to maintain confidentiality.

Privacy laws ethically and legally bind our providers. This commitment to your privacy means your telehealth sessions will not be shared with third parties.

Telehealth FAQs


How is teletherapy/telepsychiatry different from traditional therapy/psychiatry?


Teletherapy and telepsychiatry sessions work much the same way as traditional mental health sessions. The only significant difference–the therapist or psychiatrist/psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and the client are not in the same room. As with face-to-face sessions, clients may seek out their mental health providers for one session to deal with a current life situation or agree to ongoing sessions.


How do I connect with my therapist/psychiatrist online?


We use the iSalus Healthcare app for telehealth communication. The links below are for scheduled telehealth appointments. Please download the Apple or Google version below after your telehealth appointment has been scheduled:

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