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The effects of chronic anxiety and stress

“Fear is the emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat, whereas anxiety is anticipation of future threat.  Obviously, these two states overlap, but they also differ, with fear more often associated with surges of autonomic arousal necessary for fight or...

Can You Quit Smoking With Hypnotherapy?

There are many ways to quit smoking such as quitting cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, and various medications. Each method is unique, and each method has a certain percentage of success for any one individual. For people looking for a method that is a little...

Want to play?

For many of us, we have not heard or spoken those words since childhood. As adults we have many responsibilities and obligation; such as work, getting through the never ending “to do” lists, taking care of family and just trying to make it through our day. Play is usually the last thing on our minds.