Nicholas Stanton

Nicholas Stanton

Registered Yoga Teacher

As a lifelong student of various storytelling arts, I approach yoga from a narrative perspective. What kind of experience can our practice create for us? How can it get us to see, think, and feel in different ways? This curious exploration is at the heart of asana and forms the foundation of my practice. As the Radiance Sutra exclaims, “Every perception is an invitation to revelation.” When I go to the mat, I explore these questions with all of the senses as a way to build new intelligences in the body and redefine our relationships to ourselves.

I teach slow, intense flow. When poses are simple, we are compelled to follow the breath and the inner guidance of the body to our edge. It’s a wondrously simple yet challenging practice: movement married with breath married with our deepest reverence to the body, its energy, its anatomy, and and its attunement to the present moment.

I teach Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation as well. All of these practices converge to lead us to an expanded vision and a deeper intimacy with our lives.

These threads suture the essence of my practice.

From these places, I hope all can find a more authentic version of themselves and develop the courage to live it out loud.

Qualifications License: TBD


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