Please contact our office at (775) 827-2400 or [email protected] for details.

Our team of psychiatrists in Reno, NV now provide telepsychiatry to our patients during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Telepsychiatry involves providing mental health services that can be accessed via a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone. Our online app is easy to set up and use. In terms of the security our app is HIPAA compliant and fully encrypted, offering a high level of security and privacy.

Telepsychiatry sessions work much the same way as traditional psychiatry sessions with only one significant difference—the psychiatrist and the client are not in the same room. As with face-to-face medication management telepsychiatry is an ongoing relationship, from the beginning.

Our psychiatrists are ethically and legally bound by privacy laws to not share details about their telepsychiatry sessions with third parties, just as with face-to-face sessions. Our psychiatrists provide telepsychiatry service from a private and secure room. Telepsychiatry sessions are not recorded. From the patient’s end, the patient needs to ensure they conduct their end of the session in an equally private area to ensure their confidentiality.

We use the iSalus Healthcare app for telehealth communication. The links below are for scheduled telehealth appointments. Please download the Apple or Google version below after your telehealth appointment has been scheduled:

iSalus telehealth app: Apple

iSalus telehealth app: Google