Welcome to Series 1 of Memor Health’s Lifestyle Series. The ancient wisdom and process of yoga offers us many tools to work with our lives. We can think of yoga not so much as an intervention in our lives, but as an interaction. Yoga invites us to engage more attentively and intimately with our bodies and our minds.

This beginner’s class series will introduce students to the foundations of a life-long yoga practice, including breathing practices, inner body awareness (interoception), gentle movements, simple foundational poses, and safe alignment. There will be a short guided meditation at the end of each class. Students are encouraged to actively participate by practicing at home, asking questions, and keeping a journal to record progress and any insights that may emerge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what Yoga is and more importantly what Yoga is NOT
  • Learning various breathing techniques to support the practice
  • Develop inner body awareness (interoception) 
  • Practice simple foundational poses and movements in sequence

Cultivate the confidence to continue a life-long relationship with Yoga.

When: TBD. Contact Memor Health if you are interested.

Where: Memor Health

Cost: $75 per person (includes all 6 sessions)