Event: Chair Yoga Class

Yoga can be for everyone and everybody.

Yoga is the simple act of moving parts of the body with the breath in a way that grabs our attention. This can have tremendous therapeutic value. It hydrates our tissues and joints, applies gentle pressure on the bones, tones muscle, reduces inflammation, helps with focus and attention, and can support managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Why should all these benefits only be available to the young and flexible? They’re not. They’re available to everyone. Chair yoga makes that possible and is a fantastic compliment and support to an overall physical and mental health regimen.

This class will give students an opportunity to practice and discuss the fundamentals of a gentle chair yoga class. Chair yoga presents a modified version of traditional yoga forms and postures, but uses the support of a chair as one of its main features, opening up the availability and accessibility of this beautiful practice to more folks living with different bodies. As one of the key yoga texts, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, states: “Whether young, old, very old, diseased, or weak, one who practices untiringly attains success in all yogas.”
In this two-hour chair yoga class, students will learn what yoga is, why it’s so beneficial, and a handful of simple practices that can be done at home. We will also have plenty of opportunities for questions and clarifications.
We hope you’ll join us!

Amanda Prina, LCSW


Nicholas Stanton (He/His), M.A.,RYT500


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