Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old holistic healing system of India and the sister science of Yoga, has the answers you are looking for. Translated as the “Science of Life”, Ayurveda shows you the power of lifestyle – how to promote longevity, avoid disease, and live intelligently. Observing daily rituals maximizes your energy, reduces stress, enhances self-awareness, and allows you to live your life to the fullest potential. Whether your body type is Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), or Kapha (Earth), you can strategically avoid imbalance and prevent many diseases. Learn the basics of mindful eating, appropriate exercise for your constitution, and the value of meditation and yoga. This comprehensive four-week series is only for those who are motivated to transform their lives!

Learn about…

  •  Introduction to Ayurveda and Your Body Type
  •  Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle
  •  Following an Ayurvedic Diet
  •  Ayurvedic Detoxification and Self-care

Cost: $175
Date/Time: September 14 and 15, 2019, 9:00 am -1:00 pm

Please contact Memor Health at 775-827-2400 to reserve your spot